Batteries as a Service

BSTOR develops, finances, owns and operates your battery assets

LOFT 33, partnered with BSTOR to create a dynamic and innovative website that showcases their expertise in the field of battery asset management. BSTOR is a comprehensive service provider for battery projects, offering services from development and financing to ownership and decommissioning.

BSTOR's notable achievement is the development and ownership of ESTOR-LUX, Belgium's first large-scale battery park connected to the High Voltage Grid. Building on this success, BSTOR aims to be at the forefront of battery project development in Belgium, focusing on innovation and substantial project volumes. Their target is to deliver a pipeline of 150 MW of battery projects for financial closure by 2024 and operations by 2025, contributing to the retirement of gas turbines in the fast flexibility market.

BSTOR / Batteries as a Service

To support BSTOR's ambitious goals and enhance their digital presence, LOFT 33 built a cutting-edge website. The website showcases BSTOR's expertise, highlighting their services across the project lifecycle, from feasibility and financing to ownership and decommissioning. LOFT 33's web design expertise ensures that the website effectively communicates BSTOR's mission and capabilities to potential clients and stakeholders.

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The website serves as a platform for BSTOR to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable energy solutions and their position as a pioneering developer in the battery industry. By providing a seamless user experience and incorporating visually appealing design elements, LOFT 33 has successfully created a website that showcases BSTOR's professionalism, expertise, and commitment to driving innovation in the energy sector.

Overall, the collaboration between LOFT 33 and BSTOR has resulted in a powerful online presence for BSTOR, enabling them to attract potential clients, share their success stories, and position themselves as leaders in the battery project development field.

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