BluePoint - Meet. Work. Tech.

A new name for a new style of business & network centers

Three existing business & event centers in Antwerp, Brussels and Li├Ęge changed their name into "BluePoint". Also, the existing practical and functional services are being renewed and improved so that doing business and meetings will be even more comfortable.

Technology means progress and BluePoint is now focussing on offering progressive and innovative business & event technologies, new flexible workplaces and co-working spaces for growing companies that strive for progress.

These three existing business & event locations are the home base of Agoria, the sector federation for the technologically driven industry in Belgium. Agoria also owns the centers.

The new name of the new style business & event centers "BluePoint" refers to the color for technology (BLUE), the point of the logo of Agoria (POINT). The new logo refers to the sound of talking that is produced during meetings.

BluePoint / Agoria

LOFT 33 developed a website for Bluepoint in several languages that put the three business and event locations in Belgium and abroad on the map.

Design user interface, user experience, graphic design desktop, mobile design, technology choice, wire framing, information architecture, web development, online chat module, hosting infrastructure, first-line support, SEO optimization of the platform.

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loft 33 case bluepoint storyboard

Character design, scenario storyboard & animation

In order to show the variety of services, that BluePoint offers, clearly and conveniently to the visitor, we chose for the technique of animation. A main character guides you step by step through the possibilities BluePoint has to offer.

Video editing

Infographic animation, voice over in Dutch, translations into French and English.

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