Nikon Metrology

A world player in 3D optical measurement technology

Nikon Metrology NV manufactures industrial metrology systems equipped with contactless measurement techniques, such as laser scanning, video image recording and computed tomography (CT). These systems allow efficient visual inspection and measurements with (sub) micron accuracy, both on the outside of an object and inside. Customers are active in a wide range of industries. The headquarters of Nikon Metrology is located in Leuven.

Nikon Metrology

LOFT 33 developed for Nikon Metrology, in collaboration with designer Hugo Gielen from Kokoz, a website in several languages that will inform customers worldwide about the latest industrial metrology systems.

loft 33 case nikon metrology website brochures

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Design user interface, user experience, graphic design desktop & mobile design, technology choice, wire framing, information architecture, web development, links between crm system from Nikon and the website, hosting infrastructure, first-line support, pentestering, SEO.

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