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Rent-A-Port, your partner in marine developments and industrial zones is an engineering and investment group, specialised in the development of marine infrastructures and industrial zones. Through its shareholders, Rent-A-Port can fall back on a wealth of in-house experience in the analysis, design, construction, development and management of port, logistic and marine infrastructures as well as industrial zones worldwide. Via the Rent-A-Port Group, the combined experience of the four large and efficient Flemish Ports of Antwerp, Zeebrugge, Ghent and Ostend is at your service and can be called upon whenever you wish.

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Corporate identity

House style, stationary, roll-up banners, brochures.


Wireframing, usability design, information architecture, graphic design desktop & mobile, slicing graphic design to html and css for content management system, web development, SEO.

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Our Services

Design user interface, user experience, graphic design desktop & mobile design, technology choice, wire framing, information architecture, web development, first-line support, SEO.

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