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Sport beweegt je school 2.0

Stichting Vlaamse schoolsport (the flemish federation for sports at school) wants to encourage young people to acquire and / or maintain a healthy, fit and sporty lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is of the utmost importance for the health and development of young people. Schools offer the ideal environment for working on health. They can offer children opportunities at a very young age and interrupt sedentary behavior in a healthy school environment.

Stichting Vlaamse Schoolsport (SVS)

The project involves several projects:

"Sport beweegt je school" is a website that offers a guide for quality in movement and sports policy and to deal with sedentary behavior.

'Bewegen naar de zon' is a project in collaboration with the Flemish Ministry of Education and Training, which is part of the action plan "Hoog tijd voor geZONtijd" by Minister of Education Crevits.

Last school year SVS started 'schoolondersteuning'. Do you have questions about the offer of exercise and sports before, during, between and after the lessons? The SVS school support staff offers tailor-made advice.

The goal of 'One Mile a Day' is simple: breaking the long inactive blocks at school with a short, but daily activity with the entire class.

With the ‘Doki op wieltjes’ project, SVS wants to teach preschoolers how to cycle with their walking bikes at school. Together with their new friend Doki, the playful dragon, children playfully learn the necessary skills to learn how to cycle.

Does your school need a positive vibe? Do you want to offer a new mass and fun moment in which you involve everybody? Turn up the volume knob ! Dance 'Do the Sammy Pet' and give your students and the atmosphere at school a mental boost!

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