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Housing for Zero Energy is a European project that focuses on developing and implementing sustainable and energy-efficient solutions for the construction and renovation of buildings. The project is a collaborative effort between several European countries, including Belgium, France, Germany, and the Netherlands, and is funded by the European Union. The main objective of Housing for Zero Energy is to provide affordable and high-quality housing while reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Through the project, the partners aim to develop and promote innovative technologies, materials, and practices for zero-energy housing. These include renewable energy sources, passive design strategies, energy-efficient appliances, and smart home automation systems. The project also focuses on raising awareness and engaging with stakeholders, such as homeowners, builders, and policymakers, to encourage the adoption of sustainable building practices and the implementation of zero-energy housing solutions.

Housing for Zero Energy


The Housing for Zero Energy website provides information about the project, its partners, and its goals. It also offers resources and tools for homeowners, builders, and policymakers interested in sustainable building and zero-energy housing. The website serves as a platform for sharing knowledge, best practices, and experiences in the field of sustainable building and energy efficiency, with the ultimate goal of creating a more sustainable and livable built environment for all.

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