a great example of a project website.

A project website is a website created specifically to provide information about a particular project. It can serve as a central hub for all communication and information related to the project.

A project website can also act as a platform for interaction and collaboration between project members and stakeholders, such as sharing documents, asking questions and providing feedback. The purpose of a project website is to improve communication and collaboration and promote transparency and commitment to the project.

iLand a multifunctional island

"iLand" is a multifunctional island with a basic infrastructure, which serves as a platform for a multitude of activities (functions). Each of these activities (functions) requires its own "complementary" infrastructure.

The basic infrastructure is a ring-shaped, closed embankment with an integrated water inlet/outlet. The bottom of the closed reservoir is at a lower level than the surrounding seabed. Pumps are integrated into the inlet/outlet to pump seawater from the reservoir to the surrounding sea.

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