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Our approach is focused on YOUR success.

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Intensify the online identity of companies and organizations both in Belgium and beyond and encouraging web visitors to take action and to interact. That's the power of LOFT 33.

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Web applications

With our applications we optimize the action in your company by automating the business processes and making them more efficient.

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web applications

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Web shops

Being successful in E-commerce generates revenue with your online store that is focused on generating orders that are processed extremely efficiently. LOFT 33 designs and creates these E-shops.

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web shops

Your website too will encourage visitors
to act the right way!

User-friendly, well-structured and visually appealing. All characteristics of websites developed by LOFT 33.

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Web design

The precise message for the intended audience with a right tone of voice? A powerful UX in an attractive design result in websites that intensify the online identity of your company and encourage online visitors to act.

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Joomla & Wordpress

We create websites with Joomla & WordPress as content management system. These cms systems are the world's most popular open source content management systems that allow you to manage your website via desktop, tablet and smartphone.

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Which are the most popular pages and which actions do visitors take before they actually become customers? We present you the right SEO techniques and execute them for you, so in the short term, you will get a high ranking in Google and other search engines. LOFT 33 creates result-oriented websites.

Online technology is most convenient to make a business more efficient, whether it's a small or large company.

Link frontend databases with your own backoffice company databases

Web applications can be linked to your company databases so you will always provide the most current information, externally to your customers and business partners, or internally to your employees. This allows youto offer extra services by distributing information to, or obtaining extra information from your target group. Standard solutions are not always satisfactory. That's where LOFT 33 provides you with customization.

Desktop & mobile

All  websites and web applications we build, need to work seamlessly on every screen and device. A good web application handles all processes via a user-friendly control. Ultimately, it makes your company more flexible. LOFT 33 let companies work faster and more efficiently with less errors.

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Web shops beautiful designed and developed for desktop and mobile.

Today, more and more customers shop online. Out of the box web shops like virtuemart, give smaller enterprises the opportunity to sell their products online. LOFT 33 builds web shops where your product is at the center. Our webshops are all about user-friendliness for both customer and entrepreneur.

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We deliver measurable success.

Thanks to result-oriented digital experiences internet agency LOFT 33 guides companies in their digital transition. Clear communication, always able to talk to an experienced team member, and getting a quick and correct answer to your questions. That's the advantage a small versatile organization has to offer. Ask our customers why they choose LOFT 33 and their response will be: the team and the service.

We always enjoy
new challenging projects!

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